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UPDATED! Current Sponsor List!


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Latest Sponsor List:

Loaded Chamber (@LoadedChamber, https://www.loadedchamberlv.com)
Mac702 (Blue & Gold Training/Air Conditioning) (@MAC702 )
AR-15 Podcast (@OntheAir, https://www.ar-15podcast.com/)
Fight Focused Concepts (@Roger Phillips, http://www.fightfocusedconcepts.com)
gun.deals (@gun.deals, https://gun.deals)
Nevada Firearms & Training (@NV Firearms & Training, http://www.nevadaft.com)
Precision Armory (@PrecisionArmory, https://gunshopinlasvegas.com)
Discount Gun Source (@DiscountGunSource, https://www.discountgunsource.com)
Valkyrie Combat (@Valkyrie Combat, https://www.valkyriecombat.com)
Red Eye (@dinosback, https://redeyearms.com)
New Frontier Armory (@NewFrontier, https://www.newfrontierarmory.com)
LV Laser Engraving (@LVLaserEngraving, https://www.lvlaserengraving.com)
Old West Guns (@oldwestguns, http://oldwestgunslasvegas.com/)

Thank you all for supporting this forum.

Folks, please support our sponsors! Some even have forum discounts, so be sure the mention Nevada Shooters!
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Excellent point Epic Milk, I had not really known about some of these businesses until finding out about them here and seeing positive feedback. I’ve solicited Loaded Chamber, Mac702, Discount Gun Source, New Frontier Armory & a former NVS sponsor all for the aforementioned reasons. I really appreciate their support of the forum, the forum members feedback and especially the NVS discounts many of these vendors offer. Huge thanks to them for supporting NVS.


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Awesome! Thanks for the time and effort you put into getting this info together for us TitanNV!
100% agree about supporting our sponsors - they are good to us so it’s only fair to return the favor