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WTB WTB 22lr pistols and misc accessories

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Looking to buy some 22lr guns, only looking for these listed models

Breaktop 22lr, either H&R 999 (or similar)
or NAA Ranger II

Browning Buckmark w/ Threaded Barrel

9MM H&K mp5/sp5 clone- Century MKE AP5

Also looking for a:
gear head works Mod 1c (compact) tailhook ,
30 round mp5 mags View attachment 119541 ,
Flux brace for glock View attachment 119542 ,
and remington 870 metal over-the-top folding stock View attachment 117297

I'm an avid shooter and wide collector, so I'd like functional, well working, but doesn't have to be perfect.
Located in Henderson
I am interested in the the 870 folder. is it still available? how much? thanks
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