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Reloading Supplies; where can I find them? Post your finds here!!

I will keep a check. My son and I ordered from them , think it was bulk of 5,000. It shipped it in two packages of 2500.
First package arrived, no mention of a 2nd shipment. Waited 2 days , nothing. So we called. They said they would ship out the 2nd half.
Well , 2 days later , 2nd half ( other 2500 ) showed up.
Then 4 days later ANOTHER 2500 shows up.

We called to find out what happened, sounded like one was delayed in shipping ( USPS - Usually Sh!tty Parcel Service ) , so they shipped a new one, thinking it was lost. Since return shipping would be on their cost , they gave us a heck of a price break on the last box. Like 50% off. :)

Dr. Marneaus

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Yeah, but did you weigh each bullet? Maybe they were each a grain heavy and you still got your money's worth.
guarantee they pack by weight. I checked a bunch of the .50 and .45 projectiles I recently got and they were all spot on weight wise.