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Four Hundred stolen firearms from UPS Facility in TN

Newsweek reporting an hour ago: Four Hundred firearms were stolen from a UPS Facility in Memphis, TN by two men with a U-Haul Truck.

One would think it would be easy to track down rentals from U-Haul and get some leads. However, my query is...

What were so many firearms doing in a UPS facility in the first place. If they were being shipped, one would think they would be all wrapped/boxed. How did thieves know which pkgs. to get. Are they kept separate?

Would like to know more about this story if anyone finds out subsequent info...Just curious.
Probably a big online seller in the area, that regularly has shipments through the Memphis hub.

I think a big enough shipper might even have a truck or trailer dispatched to their location, and would only be full of their shipments, until it goes through the initial sort at the UPS hub.

(not an expert, but I worked loading trucks at a UPS hub while I was in college)
FOUND! The truck and firearms, near Chicago. One person was arrested. Can you imagine if they had gotten onto the streets of Chicago???