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WTS/WTT For sale or trade - 8lb jug of brand new Superperformance

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I just got this 8lb jug of Superperformance from Powder valley about a week ago to shoot in my new 6mm Creedmore. The gun just didn't like it (too slow I think). So am selling or trading the remaining amount for something that is more suited. I literally loaded 15 rounds total from this jug, So it's technically a 7.915 lbs jug of powder.

Sell for $210. That's retail price and you don't have to pay tax or the HAZMAT fee.

Trade for equivalent amount of H4350, IMR4451, or XBR 8208.

Prefer F2F in LV area.
Paypal FF or cash

First "I'll take it" PM gets it.
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