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Zombie Apocalypse Combat handgun/rifle class 10/29

Saturday, October 29th, 2011
Tactical shooting class 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Zombie battle 8:30 pm
Clark County shooting park educational center

In preparation for the Zombocalypse, this course will emphasize multiple targets, shooting on the move, rapid headshots, and quick and efficient emergency reloads and malfunction clearances with both handgun and rifle.
We'll also work rifle to handgun transitions.

This not a beginner’s class. You should have a working familiarity with your firearms.

Bring a handgun with at least two magazines or speed loaders (more is better) and a dominant side holster that completely covers the trigger guard (inside the waistband is fine).
Bring a sling equipped rifle of any type or caliber from .22 to .300 Win mag. Bring eye and ear protection, and a brimmed hat.
Knee pads are optional. Bring a folding chair if you have one.

Large melee’ implements like machetes, crowbars, and baseball bats are optional but may be useful if we get swarmed. Old clothes are recommended as some targets may be messy. :devil:

We will conclude the training segment with a “fight with what you can get” exercise. Weapons and ammo will be provided for this drill.

After a short dinner (and setup) break, those who dare can participate in a final chaotic battle as the darkened range is invaded by shambling hordes of the undead.

Rental guns are available.

Ammunition: approximately 150 handgun, 50 rifle
Most of the drills can be done with either handgun or rifle so balance ammo according to your shooting preference.

Course cost: $100 (includes range fee and final event)

Spectators are welcome at the final event at no charge.


Same here. I'd love to put the Mossy through its paces but really bad scheduling conflict. It just had to be on the one weekend where I can't rearrange my schedule.