WTB WTB 12 g. Shotgun for home defense.

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Hey Dave,

A couple of things to consider, your hearing, and your eyesight temporarily, if you shoot it in the dark. Not to mention extensive damage to your home and possibly your neighbors home as well. Launch a 12ga in your home and it's kind of like a flash/bang grenade going off in a confined space, especially with the shorter barrel 12ga guns available today.

Take a look at the Ruger Charger .22LR pistol. It is basically a 10-22 that has a 10" barrel and a pistol grip and uses any size Ruger 10-22 magazine. It has a top rail to easily put a laser on. Point and shoot.

Put a 25 round mag in it and pop, pop. pop. pop. pop. pop. pop etc, etc. You get the idea, you aren't going to run out of bullets and it's much easier to handle for the 2nd through 25th shots than a 12ga. Most bad guys aren't going to tell the difference if they get shot with a few shotgun pellets or a handful of well placed .22LR rounds, they'll get the clue they just got shot and you aren't stopping shooting as long as they are standing and not on the ground or running away.

And they cost about $275 new with a 15 round Ruger mag, plus a few bucks for the laser of your choice.

Hopefully you never have to shoot anyone in your home or anywhere else.