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Would you really believe the stupid things said by the Left regarding firearms?

There are two or three different brands by now. Not that there's anything wrong with it.
Actually, I'm pleasantly surprised. I did a quick Google search and there are indeed shotguns advertised out there that are "AR-15 style". I really did assume that combining the terms "AR-15" and "shotgun" sounded idiotic at first. To the uninitiated, that sounds a lot like a "Boeing 747 turbofan motorcycle". And yes, you are correct: I don't support any attempt to ban those guns either. One could even market "AK-47 style shotguns" and I would be quite fine with those too.

But "double barrel magazine extended clips", is there really such animal in the firearms market by now?
I think the Saiga pioneered the market of AK and AR style shotguns. They were quite popular in competition.


And yet a century-old Browning is JUST AS CAPABLE. But that would ruin their narrative.
And how about those "highly-illegal rifles"? Is there any varying DEGREE of "illegal"?

I just Googled "highly-illegal rifle" and did actually find a number of listings.

here's one:


"Congratulations dumbass! What you do have now is one more highly illegal gun that doesn't fit regulation standards now…"

"Ummmmm that’s illegal it can’t be under 16 inches so he literally broke the law to protest the shooter very smart especially since that is a FELONY it would have massive spread with that short of a barrel not accurate but extremely deadly so he made his gun more deadly than it already was he made an SBR!!!"

"1 less legal ar15 1 more illegal ar15"

"I ask the local and state police, the FBI and ATF to raid this man’s property! Arrest this man and confiscate that highly-illegal rifle"

"It went from being a legal weapon to a very illegal weapon"
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Is there any varying DEGREE of "illegal"?
Well, sure there is. Politicians try to make things more illegal (illegaler?) all the time. :)

I mean, we just had another chucklehead say they were going to make 'straw purchase provisions' illegal if they became president... It doesn't matter if it already illegal, they'll make it illegal(er)? Political magic.


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That "you've denied the killer his right to a trial" nonsense has been going around for years. Every now and then some nutsack actually gets some TV time, or a section in a 'popular publication' with that trash, and it has a surge in progressive popularity.

It does, however, speak volumes to the way the radical left looks at you, and how they'd rather you lay down and die, than be able to defend yourself and your loved ones. They have no respect for life. This is just another way that radical progressives express that disdain.