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Winchester model 1903 win22Auto

You got it, holler if you have more questions.
hi Steve, I finally got some win22auto ammo I broke the gun down so there would be no accidents and it doesn't fit in the chamber but 22LR does as the barrel states so i dont think its been rechambered but the bolt wont eject the 22 round... much less load it like it "should" when the gun is together I understand that it was designed for the 22winauto in the first place I have scoured the net looking for a replacement -03 barrel but i haven't found anything yet


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If you can't find an original barrel, I am afraid that only leaves you three choices.
Find a gunsmith willing to complete the conversion to .22LR, which would be expensive, have the chamber opened up to take the .22 winchesterauto round that the internal feed mechanism is designed for, or relegate it to wall hanger status.

If you get the chamber reamed to .22 Winchester auto, , accuracy may or may not be stellar, there is only .001 inch difference between the two rounds, with the .22 Winchester auto round being the smaller at .222", which really shouldn't matter, as long as that 06 barrels bore is in good shape. No way to tell until you shoot it!