Why the wait?


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The CA 10 day wait for a gun was bad. It will be heaven, after my NV CCW arrives, to be able to immediately walk out with whatever gun I buy.

I know it is the feds but why is a NFA stamp such a lengthy process? What is going on beyond the checks done for a CCW?


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My guess is its the lack of background investigators and the ton of paperwork. Think 10,000 apps ahead of yours, and 11 people to do all the paperwork. I doubt its more of an invstigation that is done when you get your CCW, its just a ton of time until they get to your paperwork with many people ahead of you in the pile.


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Geo pretty much nailed it, not a lot of folks to run the background check at BATFE , the background check is actually done by the FBI, so it goes from one overworked clerk type at BATFE to another at FBI, thus taking two times as long to enter your name, social security number, date of birth, etc. into the system (once at BATFE, forwards to FBI, who then enters it into the NCIC system, must have redundancy in all things gubermental ya know!), plus create the hard copy print outs of the check, and process your check through the banks, etc..

But in reality it shouldn't take more than a few weeks, even though the FBI search does go through three different data bases.
They look through the Interstate Identification Index, which is a repository of criminal convictions theoretically updated by all law enforcement agencies and courts in all 50 states, the National Criminal Information Center is next, its the focal point for criminal justice records like protective orders, disposition orders, etc. from the courts,.
Lastly they check the NICS, the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, which gets info like mental health status, immigration status, etc.

Of course the clerks also have to process your finger prints and photo, and create a data base entry for you if this is your first NFA purchase, or update the existing one if you have gone through this before.

All the above takes time, but as I said, it should be less than a month, not months to years to get it done. That's your tax dollars hard at rest, or waste, whichever you prefer!
The Background checks are priority based by the FBI.
Clearance level checks take priority, then Gov Jobs, then state and local level requests. At the very bottom of the list is NFA checks.
The majority of the wait time is because other checks take priority. There is some hangup at the ATF from the form input process, thats why Silencershop went to the bar code thing cut down a bit on the wait for a clerk to enter the info.

Its not like the CCW wait for the checks, because if the FBI does not respond METRO within the 120 days by law must issue it anyway. The ATF has no time limit.

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Any idea why Form 4s for trusts are taking about 100 days longer than for individuals geo/Steve?

I have a trust I had done in 2011 but didn't use it when I finally bought my first 2 cans in March. I'm the only trustee and lost all benefits of a trust due to procrastination on my part. I have seen that some people are getting their individual Form 4 stamps back in 6 months or very slightly less on nfatracker.com. My 1st can was purchased 3/14 with the check clearing 4/11 and the 2nd purchased 3/27 with the check clearing 5/2. My fingers are crossed my AAC Ti-Rant 9M will be paroled before September ends and my Huntertown Arms Guardian 22 in mid October.

Welcome to NV IBMJunkman! I too remember the absofrickinlutely pointless 10 day waiting and every other hoop to jump through in CA. If there are any firearms you'd like to purchase now or soon before your CCW arrives you can still pretty much leave with them immediately. The only difference is having to pay $25 to the man and if the call to whomever has to be called in NV (we're a point of contact state like CA thus the fee rather than the free NICS check called in to the feds by most states) is quick it only adds a few minutes. Being able to go into a shop, filling out Form 4473, paying for your purchase then leaving is awesome. I bought a factory Glock 17 Gen3 frame 2 weeks ago and it was literally 9 minutes from the time I parked my truck until I left, just as it should be.