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What kind of arrows do you shoot?


living in Henderson NV
I'm just starting to get back into target archery.

When I shot a compound I used store bought aluminum Easton XX75 2117 Game Getter arrows. Plastic vanes. 100 gr field points

Still have some arrows. I'll start with them with my 33# recurve.


Obsessed Member
I just buy the cheapest carbon arrows on the shelf at bass pro. I have had great luck for Me and my Kids. Plastic fletching. I just buy the arrow that matches my draw length and pull. The diagram on the back of the box helps, or just ask someone behind the counter. They will trim and glue them for You. Or I go to Impact Archery, on Dean Marten. Local Mom and Pop type shop.


Obsessed Member
I've got some Beman carbon arrows and they have (what looks like) 2" vanes. I've seen other arrows with longer vanes, up to 5" I think. Is there a benefit to the bigger/longer vanes?


Obsessed Member
I think it's preference, but not positive. I have 2 in fletching on my arrows. I shot good groups. Sorry I can't be of more help to you.

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