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What happened to all the jackrabbits?

It’s been a few years but before I could several jackrabbits just driving down cold creek rd at night especially near the dumpster and dozens just off the road driving around on 4x4 but I went up around Labor Day and didn’t see a single one despite driving around for 2hrs. What happened to them all or are they just out of season?
Popping jackrabbits was always fun up there. I know out in Arizona where they have prairie dogs near seligman was also good but need to get a az hunting license for prairie dogs
On my way up the 93 the other day I ran over a big one... Little fuzzy f*^k ran right under my vehicle. Seen plenty of others smart enough to get out of the way.


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Took a trip down to Searchlight yesterday, mainly to scout for somewhere to go quail hunting next week and maybe find some dove. No quail, no doves, and no water in the 2 guzzlers in that area. So I thought I'd try for some Jacks out where Dad use to take us kids 30 years ago, it was only a couple of miles away. Back then you just had to get out of the car and you would scare up 5 jacks. Walked 3 miles, and only saw 5 rabbits the whole time. And only 1 was close enough to bag. Saddest part was the whole desert looked dead. Never thought I'd see all the creosote bushes dead.


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I don't see too many jacks or cottontails in or around Clark County. As far as Cold Creek, I see more wild horses than anything else. Once you leave Clark County and hit the 93 freeway, those things come out in droves and turn suicidal it seems. Approaching Caliente and Pioche/Panaca, I am usually playing dodge-a-rabbit with my truck. At least deer freeze or run away into the thickets when they see your headlights. Makes it easier to avoid them. Rabbits run one way then decide at the last second that hiding under your tires when you're going 70mph provides the best sanctuary.

On the way to Ely or Eureka, it get worse


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Hey anyone know if we can still hunt jack rabbit at night? Not trying to necro, bump: where my jacks at?
depends on the County...Clark, Nye, Lincoln..yep. White Pine, Elko...nope without permit available from Sheriff's Dept.
Others..I have no idea.