What gun related purchases did you make today?

Hi All:
Cleaned out garage and found a few things i forgot I had, so i sold them here and got a few bucks of pocket money. It did not last but three days and i bought Canik TP9 SFx. It is quite a pistol as I shot it yesterday and had no problem killing water filled gallon jugs. Yes i took their remains back home for my trash can. The Talon grip came yesterday, the Vortex Viper will be here today, and the custom holster arrives next week. Then it will be time to get rid of a lot of the 9MM i have saved up.

This week:
Leupold Deltapoint PRO
Leupold Deltapoint PRO rear sight

Brownells G19 Long Slide and Barrel

Glock Channel Liner Tool
Lone Wolf Glock Slide completion kit


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My next purchase will be the Glock G45 with a G19 grip (going to be awhile and PLEASE not with the stupid 1/2 moon cutout in front of the grip).

ETA: Actually I might just buy the G45 and chop the grip down to accept the the G19 mag.

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165 gr 3006. 3 boxes. Deer season starts in less than a week....
I need to figure out what rifle and ammo I'll be using, and its backup. At least I still have almost three weeks.

I've picked up some nice brass from the hunters who don't reload but sight in their guns this time of year... I wish they would leave it on the ground and not make me scrounge through the trash can, though...
Hi all:
Vortex Viper came Friday and Custom Holster came yesterday for My Canik TP9 SFX. Just in time for the rain to make the shooting area into a mud bog track.

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This week...

Glock 19 gen 5 (I somehow didn't own a Glock yet, so figured I might as well)
Ruger SR22 (Teaching a couple people to shoot, wanted something soft to start them on)
Ruger LCP 10th Anniversary (wanted a pocket gun for the rare occasion that it's useful to me)

Holsters and extra mags for all of the above.

No more guns this year. No more pistols for a while.