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Western NV Pistol League


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Does anyone here shoot these matches.

Would like to get into trying them but would like information about how they operate and equipment needed


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Keep meaning to go to these, I follow the fb page. A fair number of the Reno4x4 guys say the equipment requirements are pretty laid back, only really needing a zero or forward cant holster (they might not allow a holster that allows the barrel to point at all behind the user).


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They have a pretty good FAQ page that has a "Your First Match" page.

Looks like they do different types of matches that could use different types of equipment. IDPA and USPSA already have specific holster requirements, and allow holsters that angle either direction, within the rules of the angles.


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Yes, start with the website. Read through it. Decide what kind of match you would like to participate in. With your first match, inform the Match Director of such, and he will help you get started. See you at the range.