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Welcome Blue & Gold Services Electrician and Air Conditioning and Blue & Gold Firearms Training - Private Concierge Instruction


LEGEN...wait for it... DARY!
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Well, it's been a delay in processing since the new ownership. We all took turns dropping the ball. I was a commercial sponsor under the old format, too, so we finally just sat down and did the paperwork to start after the new year. I thought Titan was going to just slip the official tag back in nice and quietly, but had to go make a big announcement.... ha

Do NOT hire me, though! I am way too freaking busy from all the people who do. Seriously, though, if you need me, text me.


If you insist, and you call, I won't even know it until Google attempts to transcribe your message and text it to me. And then I'll text you to clarify what Google thought you said. That said, if you MUST call, leave a clear message, and I'll eventually call you back.
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