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Vintage Military Rifle Silhouette Match Saturday June 15 2019

The weather forecast for the Saturday June 15th Palomino Valley Gun Club's Military Silhouette Rifle Match is lookin' good!

New shooters and junior shooters are welcome.

We always have a good group of shooters at this match, always friendly and helpful.

It's an ideal venue for practicing the fundamentals of rifle shooting.

There's always plenty of time for sighters, and taking all your shots for score.

More info here.
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Match results are here.

Highlights: Pleasant weather, three new shooters, lots of offhand shooting, a three-way shoot-off for second place, and no broken firing pins!

Next month’s match is Saturday, July 20 @ 7:30 am (Fortunately, Jim B. gets to shoot Chickens, Pigs, and Turkeys offhand!)