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Trying to save a 1911.


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Well a 1911 that had been in a house fire was brought by my shop yesterday. We put it on the Rockwell tester and the slide was at 29 and the frame at 20 on the c Rockwell scale.

So I am now heat treating the slide. I'll have to build a new pot for the frame. It's about 1/8" to wide to heat treat. But it's time to change the pots and increase their size anyway. I have a Meat clever someone brought by to be refurbished for a restaurant.

Oh and a new batch arrived the other day. I had them surface ground at a local machine shop to speed things along. It would have taken me at least a week and a half to do the same thing they did in a day and it wouldn't have been as good.



In fact I want two

Will be really awesome to have the frame SN stamped
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