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The CCW waiting game...

Epic Milk

uber n00b
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Las Vegas / Clark County

Submitted: 4/4
Issued: 7/17
Received: 7/19

Total: 106 days
And here I was checking the mail all week thinking "it could be soon" on my May 2nd submission. :LOL: Guess I can chill for another month and not rush to the mailbox as soon as I get home.


Adjusting to the west!
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(lvnv) a few coworkers who took the class with me delayed in turning in their paperwork. they just received their permits.

they were right around 105 days or so.
I went to Metro today, Clark County and submitted my application, I got there at 710AM and to my surprise they were already open, only 2 people ahead of me, I was home by 805am!
so lets see how long it takes! lol I want to go check my mailbox now hahah
Is it true that you dont need to go FBI building downtown, and you can just turn in papers fingerprint all that in sub stations? I had that did his ccw that way.