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The Best 22 Rifle I Ever Owned


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I still have my Winchester model 67 youth rifle. Single shot, bolt action, shortened stock and barrel. I have NO idea how many rounds I have fired through that rifle since I was a kid, but when .22 long rifle ammo was a penny a round, it was a lot!!


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Have an old Winchester 68 which was handed down to me, along with my fathers Dana air rifle in .22

The first rifle I ever bought was a Sheridan Silver Streak .22 which still holds air! My gramps told me to always keep a few pumps in it-guess he was right.

What I really want is a Henry pump .22lr with the octagon barrel. I’ve seen them for $500 advertised but sell out quickly.

I was reading about some new Federal Punch rounds in .22lr yesterday and they sound interesting. Flat nose, .29grn with excellent velocity (1600). Even though I have a lifetime of mini mags I like trying new toys.