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TEMPTING: Mossberg Patriot Night Train III in .300 Mag


Cave Dweller
I've been exploring ballistics on my next gen big game/SHTF rifle and came across this tactical .300 magnum combo:


Everything in the pic is included and the price is pretty tempting! Not TOTL by any means but a practical all around go-to for hunting in general. They also offer it in a .308.

Pro's are the bipod, muzzle brake (suppressor ready), lightweight stock, adjustable trigger (2-7 lbs), adjustable foam cheek rest, fluted barrel, and high powered 6x24 scope. Priced at a mere $581 plus fees.

Con's are the shorter 22" barrel, lower quality scope, and some complaints about the stock not handling the heavier rounds (internal breakage). Groupings range from .75 to 1 MOA in the reports I've seen (.308).

Don't think I'll go with it simply due to the MOA's but it seems like a quality budget rifle for the casual shooter or hunter!

Anyone had or shot one?
Ive heard a lot of negatives about Mossberg rifles, poor construction, quality, and barrels. Combine that with a big caliber and you could be in for quite the headache. Not to mention if you're shooting 300 winmag the budget on the rifle shouldnt be a huge concern in my opinion. But hey what do I know :).