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Tactical and Disaster medicine, Pahrump, December 3rd

This one day course will introduce the basic skills necessary to manage life-threatening trauma in tactical, disaster, and mass casualty environments. In addition to Basic Life Support (BLS) skills, the training will cover self care, care under fire, triage, and management of multiple patient scenes.

Students will be familiarized with the contents of a standard *blowout* trauma kit and learn to apply a variety of commercial pressure bandage and tourniquets. We will also explore *field expedient* medical solutions with commonly available items like clothing, household items, and range gear.

Participants will practice all skills *hands-on* with training partners and manikins in multiple event simulations.

Course fee (includes manual and training materials): $150

Alumni of previous Invictus 2010-2011 Tacmed classes may attend at half price.

Enrollment link is here:


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hoping to be able to take this one, however I have Jury duty on Dec 1st (yup, got the notice again lol) so depending on if I get picked or if there is a long trial, I may not make it.
Small class size is going to allow more simulations, so... venue change.

We'll be at the Lone Wolf shooters range in Pahrump. (Directions on the website)

A carry gun and a box of ammo will probably find use.

Dress in layers; we'll be out rolling in the dirt periodically. .... :D