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stolen 2009

Stolen 2009

Polish M-44 crest II 1952 , receiver ser no. AS09611

Remington 788 /243 cal. / ser no. B6087446 / hart 1/8 twist stamped on barrel / Bushnell 4200 4x16x40 with AO

Valmet 412 /12gauge over 30-06 / ser. No. 233482 / leupold vx II 2x7x32

Karl Gustafs 1910 swede Mauser / ser. No. 275432 / 6.5x55

Remington 1100 / 2 3/4" chamber , vent rib , screw in choke / ser. No. M063631V

Wards Westernfield , model 52 side by side / Ser. No. SB311TA /20 ga. 2 3/4" chamber

Japan Arisaka 99 sporterized with rear receiver peep sights and pistol grip finger grooved . 7.7 cal. /Ser. No. 83743

Alpine m-1 carbine , after market cheek rest stock /Ser. No. 2528

Ruger 77/22 with Walter loather stainless barrel / Ser. No. 700-32709 / Bushnell 4200 4x16x40 with AO .

Remington 700 LSS /black laminated stock /243cal. /Ser. No. S6538852 /brand new in box.

British 303 No. 4 MK 1 longbranch 1944 /Ser. No. 22L1031 / B-Square scope base with Japan made tasco with range finder . /butt ugly camo job

1917 eddystone /30-06 / Ser. No. 9219B1 / not sure if that B was B or 8

Savage 110 / flat black / bull barrel / 308 cal. / John plaster sniper stock , was bubbized by previous owner , pistol grip had some grinding on it where he tried to put finger grooves and slightly ground through stock . / Bushnell 4200 8x32x40 w/AO . Had no Ser. No. For this gun .

Was recently told suspect was working in Nevada for a cable company , possibly Knights Communication .
This recent info is why I decided to post this , thanks for looking , Kenneth
North or South NV?

Either way I will keep a look out.
I don't know . A friend of mine ran into him at a gas pump . Guess he was high on something , he just started talking telling him he had been in Nevada working for a cable company , my friend said this guy was just rattling on to him and said he was getting ready to leave and go back out there . My friends wife worked at the store and when he went in to talk to her , he was amused at this stranger who was talking up a storm to him and asked who was that nut ? One of the girls working there called him by name and he realized who he wa talking to . Of course by this time , he had pulled off , probably wouldn't have made any difference . They raided his home shortly after the theft , one of his buddies that got caught with my muzzle loader told on him . Turned up nothing but a probation violation for not being at said address .
I just keep hoping to get some back . The Ruger and 788 was built for me by a really good gunsmith and shooting friend who passed away a couple years ago . They where tack drivers and the sentimental has there was some history between the guns , smith and myself . Kenneth