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Started a bug out bag.


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All extremely good points. I dont plan to disclose too many details like whats in the med kit, unnecessary gun fights to avoid going through hell assuming survival just to hang on to some aid supplies and rx medicines are not my forte. Just know ive taken heed of a lot of advice here. Nyeco, youre a godsend for these types of topics. Same with Mac and a few others. If society collapsed tomorrow id rather find myself on your teams than the other end of your barrels, that is for certain.

Getting rid of my junk guns, I keep a lot of mosins and the like thinking I would arm "loyal" neighbors in a bug in situation but in secondary thought its very apparent everyone is going to be in it for themselves. Watch what has been happening in France with those yellow vest protesters if you dont believe me.

It would be nice if we lived in a perfect world where NV Shooters regulars decided in a crap scenario to stick with eachother, we could run this state mad max meets warlords style but meh. I just hope your families all know how lucky they are to have smart people around when it all goes downhill. As for mine, theyll come out of the woodwork assuming theyre the select few that know I run an arsenal over here. But aside from that, they dont realize what theyve got.


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In your cook kit do you have a way to heat food? There are many smaller stoves on the market now, easy to pack away and have fire when you need to cook a meal. Also a good water purification system would be handy. I also keep a Bahco laplander saw in my gear, its easy to use, light weight, and makes for easy cutting of wood in a hurry.