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Stake-Style 2x4 Stands for Steel Plates?


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Anyone have any experience with the type of 2 by 4 stand that you drive into the ground like a stake? I'm looking for something compact that I can throw in together with my full steel challenge set up to add some versatility in my stage layouts.

How well do the stake-style target holders hold up and are the able to support heavier plates, say 40 lb 18x24 rectangles? I will only be using it for rimfire and centerfire pistol, 9mm to 45, but I will be shooting at steel challenge distances so from 7 to 35 yd. Would they handle rifle calibers at longer ranges?


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I’m not super familiar with the setup your looking for, so sorry I can’t help with that.

I can say that I’ve used the action target evil Roy portable steel setups for years and have been extremely happy with them. If you watch their close out section you can occasionally get some of the bases and plates pretty inexpensively.

For example on their close out website right now they have a rim fire target and the stand for $96. The stand alone is usually $100 so you’re getting the target head for free. In the past when I found good deals on the stand and target heads together I’d pick them up. I managed to amass 6 stands that way. Then when the HD plates alone come up on sale you can get those and shoot handguns and rifles at them.
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If I can find a picture , I saw some a friend had , freestanding , made from rebar. Held up well for his steel challenge type targets , and we use them at the subgun matches as well.
Update: I went ahead and got some through Bass Pro (the Champion Center Mass Target Stand Ground Stakes). So far they work fairly well. The 2x4 fits snugly enough that shims are unnecessary, and the tightening screw does the job in keeping the 2x4 secure in the stake mount, so uprooting them is easy.

They are kind of tricky in terms of pounding them in so they are perfectly upright (normal to the ground plane), so if you're anal about that then they might not be for you. I use a 2ft section of scrap 2x4 to pound them in with a small sledge. I may need to reinforce the 2x4 with a steel plate cap as they are already starting to deform due to the sledge.

The heaviest plate I've hung on them so far has been a 66% IPSC torso, and I'm not sure if they'd hold up to my 18"x24" Steel Challenge plates, but I may give it a shot later on. It'd be really cool to use these instead of my full H bracket stands which are heavy and take up a lot of room in my trunk. While switching stages will definitely be easier with the H brackets, these stands are light/small enough that they justify the extra inconvenience in my book, unless you are running more than 3 stages in one shooting session.