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Son's first rifle deer.

Last year Kody's first season he took a little spike at 75yds with his sidelock muzzleloader. This season our hunt was hammered with rain and the deer weren't moving.
Last Friday was our only other opportunity to hunt so we left at 2am and headed to Austin. As we were hiking up a trail, something looked out of place on the hill in front of us before it disappeared.
It took ten minutes of glossing before we glassed the buck and there were several others on that hillside 600yds away. Having to obviously cut that distance, we slowly traveled the trail to get within range. By the time we got there we spotted the rear of a mulie going over the ridge; the rest of the hillside appeared bare.
Kody was sure deer were still on the hillside, but bedded out of sight. He wanted to wait them out. After a hour and a half, I glanced once again through the bones and out of nowhere stood a small buck glancing over his shoulder. Ten yards behind him stood a much larger bodied buck. I was pretty excited...Kody was sleeping! Not being able to wake him with a loud whisper, I started tossing rocks. The fourth rock that hit him woke him up! Out came the rifle and shooting sticks...
Remember buck fever? Yup, Kody had it in spades.😁 Ranged the buck at 318yds and Kody's only reply was that he couldn't steady the rifle. About five minutes of coaching the boy to relax and breathe, he took off the safety. Upon the shot, the buck started walking quickly...made it about fifteen yards when he fell.
Kody was shooting his 250 Savage with a 100gr Nosler BT at 2800fps out of his carbine. Quarter size hole in the near lung, shredded half the other lung, and a small exit. Would've preferred a liver shot that would've sent the buck downhill.😁 20181019_130114.jpg


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Very well done, and I thank you for outfitting him with a vintage rifle. Too many young shooters get used to having the newest, most modern equipment, and never learn traditional hunting, which relies more on stealth and marksmanship. Kody will become a "real" hunter.
Very well done, and I thank you for outfitting him with a vintage rifle.
Thanks, but it is a vintage caliber, not rifle. Obviously, before Kody was born I had to decide the perfect deer caliber. Through much research, found the 250 Savage to be that round.
Through gun trading, I, believe it or not, had $850 in my pocket to find an H&R 1873 Trapdoor Carbine. While perusing a gun shop in Spokane, I spotted a dark stainless Ruger RSI. Picked it up and saw the caliber...walked around the store carrying the rifle so no one else would steal it from me. Salesman said I could try the trigger...light and clean. So no trapdoor for me, but the son got a gorgeous rifle. Ends up, it was FB_IMG_1548649302049.jpg a 1 of 98 made for Lipseys. Put a plastic youth stock on it...when he gets older, the Mannicher-style stock will be put back on.