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In have used my copy of the Smith & Wesson Standard Catalog, 2nd Edition to source my information posted about these guns. They are all old, records were poor back then, I believe all model # are correct, but dates of production are + or - 1 year. The information posted is best I can find.

Obviously I am not the original owner of any of these guns.

All sold, pending funds
$300 OBO
SW .38 Military and Police Model 1905, 4th change, serial is low in 429,——, so a manufacture date of 1919 to 1921

Caliber is SW 38 S&W Special CTG (38 SPCL will chamber, but I have not fire this gun!)
Finish is very good with a small pit/blemish on one cylinder and a small spot on the frame, hard to see in the pictures and you could miss it looking at it.
Grips are walnut with diamond inserts, and are as good as a 100 year grips gets. 98%!
Square butt
Smooth trigger
Service sights
5 SCREW, all screws appear untouched! RARE!!
I have newer guns that aren’t this nice!

(The 32 Double action is sold!! (only one with a trigger guard)
SW Model 1 1/2 New Model, SW 1 1/2 .32 Frame, (transition gun)
$125 each

Genuine antiques, I would not recommend shooting any of them.
Pictures show the one is missing an ejection post, but it has the best nickel of the group.
Top two are tip-up revolvers, one in 22 Short Black Powder, the other in .32 SW.
Bottom two are top-break with auto ejection. Both in 32 SW. One (without trigger guard) is a single action, the other is double/single. Cylinders rotate correctly.
Grips are original on all of them.
Cylinder rotate when cocked on all.

Make me an offer on one or more!
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