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First up is a Hatfield single shot 20 gauge shotgun. I bought this simply because I always wanted a single shot 20 gauge and quickly found that I prefer my semi-auto 12 gauge. Yes, this is the shotgun they sell for $100 at WalMart. Why am I offering it at $100? Aside from saving sales tax and a background check fee (if applicable) it comes with $70 or so worth of ammo and accessories listed below next to the price. This shotgun has exactly five (5) shells through it. My buddy whined about chucking clays after 3 and I had to beg for 2 more.

Next up is a Heritage Rough Rider single action 22lr/22mag revolver, blue with cocobolo grips. This was an impulse purchase as I decided one day I just *had* to have at least one revolver. The exact round count is: 100 rds of 22lr, 24 rounds of 22 short (ridiculously quiet with these) and 12 rounds of 22mag in it's single trip to the range. It's a fun gun to shoot however it has only been out of my safe once and that was over a year ago.

Both of these pkews are in as new condition.

$100 for the shotgun - comes with 2 boxes Winchester no. 8 shot, 2 boxes Federal no. 8 shot (one box only has 20 shells as per above), soft case, Boresnake and snap caps
$130 for the revolver - comes with 76 rounds of CCI 22 short and 88 rounds of Armscor 22mag
$215 to take both out of my safe

"I'll take it" followed up with a PM rules apply. I'm in the NW part of Las Vegas and can meet at Sportsman's Warehouse on Centennial in the late afternoon/evening and on weekends. During the week I can meet at Bass Pro Shops after I get off work around 2:30-3:00PM. A Nevada drivers license (or PCS orders if USAF) is a must. A CCW, blue card if you still have one or active duty service member is cash and carry. I reserve the right to require a bill of sale for all others.

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