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WTS/WTT Sold (Lock er' up please)

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North Las Vegas
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I have a Zastava (Serbian) NPAP M70 AK up for grabs. It appears to have matching numbers, (though I am admittedly a complete noob to the AK realm). It comes with one Yugo LRBHO 30 round mag. Appears to be in great condition, don’t even know if it has been fired since import. I’d like to trade for a nice optic for my AR-10, but I’m also open to any other offers. Don’t really need cash at the moment and don’t even know what a fair asking price is.

WTT for AR-10 optic, will set sale price at $1,000.00 since I don’t even want to sell it, but must list a price.

Located in Northwest Las Vegas
All offers will be considered. Not cross-posted



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