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Shop tools for sale


Obsessed Member
So a fellow recently traded me a firearm for all his tools in knife making. Some are decent some aren't. But if you want to start making your own knives here is a set of entry level tools to try it out. I'm keeping the leather working tools as that what I originally wanted. I'll add pictures tomorrow as I'm still going through it all. But here is a basic run down of everything so far.

Grizzly knifemakers grinder/buffer
Diamond back knifemakers forge
small anvil
a few small belt sanders the 1X42 variety
various woods some good some meh.
a busted heat treat oven, needs work but could be saved
Lots of books on knife making
saw blades, circular saw blades, steel cable for making cable Damascus, and various other things I will post pictures on.


Obsessed Member
Here are some pictures of what I acquired and what is for sale.

Grizzly knife grinder: 300.00 dollars for grinder, buffs, and belts.

Forge. Two burner diamondback knifemakers forge, and small anvil: 300.00

Cress heat treating oven. Needs works. Free

small belt sanders and belts. 50.00 dollars

small craftsman air compressor. 50.00

He also brought over a lot of cable, old saw blades he was making knives from, and a bunch of wood for making rifle stocks. Your all welcome to come over and check it out. I'll be at the shop till 5 except to get something for lunch.


Obsessed Member
I went through more of the stuff left at my shop. If you want some leather working material I have it in spades. Here's a few of the things left by someone who went to Hawaii.

Some walnut stocks and wood blocks.

Some suede stock and a buffer grinder motor.

Way to many leather working tools, materials to list. Your welcome to dig through it and pick and choose what you want or take the whole lot. It's up to you.

Lots of saw blades, and cable if you need any.


Obsessed Member
All the tools from the guy who quit are gone except the cable and saw blades. The heat treat oven is still here and free to who ever wants it. Though you will have to rebuild it for it to work.