SBR Form 1 for a Trust approved and back in under 4 months!


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Mailed out SBR Form 1 paper application for a one person Trust: March 31, 2018
ATF checks cashed: April 10, 2018
Approved July 18, 2018
Approval Notice Letter mailed and stamped on: July 23, 2018
Received Tax Stamp in the mail: July 26, 2018

Now I need to find a local gunsmith here in Las Vegas that can remove the fake can that is pinned/welded on my MP5K clone and do the engraving. Any recommendations???

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Nice I'm jealous! Was this your first Form 1 with your trust or have you used it before? I have an attorney-created trust but did not use it for the two silencers I bought that are currently in jail as everything I read and everyone I talked to said that Form 4s for individuals are being approved a lot sooner than Form 4s for trusts. It looks about the same time frame for Form 1s for both trusts and individuals as well as faster than Form 4s per NFA Tracker. I'll eventually do an SBR and will either use my trust or buy one from a dealer that will register it as an SBR first. I don't like the idea of my first and last name being engraved on a firearm as the manufacturer!