Ruger 96/22 mag - my fav rimfire rifle

Many years ago I bought a Ruger 96/22 mag rifle.

1. Since then I modified a plastic "plug" in it to permit me to change magazines with the lever fully closed. (The original design must have been a corporate lawyer's requirement.

2. Then I put an octagonal Green Mountain barrel on it and improved the accuracy as well as the appearance.

My next science project is to re-barrel my Savage 99 with an octagonal barrel B/C both rifles have the same action and lever configuration. Bill Ruger designed the 96/22 to look a lot like the Savage 99, except for the one-piece stock.
Why you not provide picture of your work? I really want to see what it looks like. I'm a Ruger, rimfire, and weird stuff fanboy and this hit all three of those.
Photos coming


I'll take some photos and post, probably tomorrow.

I'm removing the useless fore arm band and then cutting off the fore srm tip just behind the band recess to put on a rosewood tip with a Schnabel shape. I'll do the same with my Savage 99 C so they match.

Eric B.
Sweet. I've been looking to get another rimfire rifle and I'm torn, too many good options these days. Savage, CZ, and Marlin are all top prospects but then every time I see the Ruger American rimfire I just can't see how at that price point it could get any better.


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I'd like to see pics with the octagonal barrel as well. I have a 96/17 (the .17HMR lever version). Great fun to shoot, but unfortunately Green Mountain only appears to offer 17HMR barrels for the 77/22. (My understanding is the 77 series barrels will not fit the 96 lever guns without machine work.)