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ruger 10/22 now shoots low

OK so i have a 10/22 that i have had for a while. heavy barrel, had it pretty much dialed in and it had been that way for a long time. I shot it about a month ago and it was good. ended up with a new scope (better than the barska that had been on the 10/22) so i put it on and the next time at the range i had the scope dial maxed out and was still about a foot low of the crosshair at 50 feet. the next time at the range i took the old scope back out and re mounted it, same thing, i tried swapping the scope rings and couldnt get anything better. both scopes were maxed on adjustment and still way low. what am i missing here. the gun was never dropped or anything and kept in a hard case betwen when it was dialed in and when it had the new scope mounted.



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My guess would also be the scope mount and/or rail. Also make sure the stock is tight.
Thanks for the ideas guys, ill take everything apart and re tighten everything and see if that solves the problem, hopefully that is it.


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Pull all the bullets and drop about 2 grains of Bullseye powder on top of whatever is in there now. I'll bet that will kick the impact up a bit.