Review of first Seymour-Made Knife


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Well I ended up being the lucky one and getting the first blade out of the shop. For those of you that have been following the other Seymour thread where he has pictures of a folding knife blade, that was mine!
We installed the surveillance system at their shop and while we were installing I got to talking to Jimmy about the SOG Kilowatt that I had on me. I explained to him that the functionality in the handle is almost priceless, but the blade is almost worthless. Cut 2 or 3 wires with it and it is right back to sharpener.
Jimmy offered to take the knife and make a custom blade for me to replace in the SOG Kilowatt handle.
So I picked it up last week, and wanted to get some good usage out of it before I left a review.

WOW is that knife ever sharp. I have cut over 45 cables with it (CAT5 5E and RG59 plenum and non) and it is still as sharp as it was when I picked it up. It goes thru Cat 5 almost effortlessly and still has been effective on drywall and ceiling tiles. :woop::woop:

I wanted to thoroughly thank Jimmy for all the work he put into my blade, I am sure I will get years of use out of it. I can definitely appreciate the difference between the factory SOG made in China crap blade and the beautiful piece of steel that you replaced it with.:thumbsup:


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I'm glad it is serving you well. Their is nothing I like more than to hear how a customers blade is being used and holding up to the task. Thank you for your patronage.