WTS Reloading Components .223 9mm 6mm

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Hello I'm moving cross country and can't ship some of this so I'd figure I'd sell it. I'm located on the West side of the valley.
Here's what's for sale:

SPF 2x Full 1lb cans of H 4895
$20 each 1lb container

SPF Small Rifle Primers. 800x CCI, 800x Remington, 200x Winchester, and 1x half tray of Wolf and Federal
$35 for whole lot of small rifle primers. Good for load development.

SPF At least 75% (closer to 90%) full container of IMR 4895. 300x Large Magnum Rifle Primers CCI $5

Sold 1000 x CCI Small Pistol Primers $20

Sold 100x 9mm Hornady 124gr XTP Bullets $10

600ish (1 full box plus partial box) .223 (.224 diameter) 55gr Xtreme Bullets. $45

Partial boxes at least half full. Sierra Matchking 6mm 107 gr bthp. Nosler Custom Competition 69 gr .223 (.224 diameter). 250 box ( 100+ left) $10 each.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Thanks.
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