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Ramping up in the 'Rump

We're in the process of setting up a new training center in Pahrump.
We were sharing space with The Master at Arms gun shop, but as both of our business expanded we ran out of room.

Our new place is at 921 S. Hwy 160, ste. 404, next to Master at Arms.

May is a busy month with our Vegas karate business, so the May schedule in Pahrump will be be light with CCW classes, a dedicated renewal only session, and a free trial class for kid's karate.

June should step up with some free tuneup classes for alumni, as well as rolling out First Aid /CPR training for the community and some martial arts and archery workshops for the kiddos.

We have a lot more space so some indoor (air conditioned) low light, tactics, and force on force are in the works as the Vegas biz lightens over the Summer.



Obsessed Member
Staff member
Cool, should be able to take some classes with you guys now, it was kind of hard to get away to Vegas for the first aid and CPR ones. Cant wait!


Obsessed Member
Awesome for people in Pahrump. Chuck is a great person and trainer. I wish (hopefully soon) to be in a better position to take some classes even if it is in Pahrump.

My son does Karate w/ Chuck and loves him! I would highly suggest anyone slightly interested to at least give him a look! He is one of those trainers who has the knowledge to teach the experienced gun owners and won't make someone who is new to guns feel like they don't belong.