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Question: Cleaning .22lr Suppressor


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Today I cleaned my .22 LR suppressor (Dead Air Mask HD) for the first time after putting aprox 400 rounds or so through. This is my first suppressor and I do not own any of those tumblers (I don’t reload or polish rocks) or ultrasonic cleaners. I was afraid to do that “dip” (white vinegar + hydrogen peroxide) because I don’t know what to do with the stuff when I am done or if it’ll mess up my suppressor (I don’t THINK so, but I am hesitant to risk it after waiting forever to finally get one).
To clean it, I just stuck with my Shooter Lube cleaning solvent (https://www.shooterlube.com/collect...eapons-cleaning-solvent?variant=8714417012846) a toothbrush and a cleaning rag then scrubbed forever and still didn’t get it shiny and new looking.
I normally enjoy sitting in the garage listening to some tunes and cleaning my firearms after shooting, but that was ridiculous. After all that, it made me hesitant to want to go out shooting with it again soon since it is such time consuming tedious task to clean.

What do you guys without the tumbler / ultrasonic cleaners do to clean your .22lr suppressors?


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You clean them?

My first one is a GemTech Outback IID. The "D" is for "disassemble." They tell you in the manual that you have the option of either taking it apart and cleaning it FREQUENTLY, or just shoot it until it REALLY needs it, in which case you won't be able to take it apart anymore, and then GemTech will clean it for a "nominal charge." I quickly decided to go with option B.

My latest is the AAC Halcyon. I've not even gotten a chance to shoot through it yet, but it will probably follow a strict cleaning schedule.


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Well... I’d LIKE to keep it clean and functioning well. After PM’ing with another user and doing some additional googling/reading the hydrogen peroxide / vinegar dip is looking like a better option, BUT I can’t seem to figure out where in Clark County I can properly dispose of the peracetic acid / lead acetate.

Anyone have any recommendations?
I am not much help even though I have five 22 LR cans. I use either my ultra sonic cleaner or the vibratory case cleaner...
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In on this. I also have a dead air mask with about 500 rounds through it, never cleaned it. I do have a regular reloading vibratory case tumbler that I dont use anymore.


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Resurrecting this thread because I just came across this video:
This got me to thinking, the Dead Air Mask HD suppressor is made up of a titanium tube and stainless steel baffles & end cap; this option seems more appealing than the peracetic acid “dip”.

Anyone have any thoughts for or against using CLR on the baffles?
I wet tumbled some titanium baffles to try it out & was surprised at how clean they came out , I still had to scrape a little carbon off but it was easily removed then just wiped them clean . I still use the dip for the .22 baffles to remove the lead because when I tried tumbling those they didn’t get nearly as clean as the others did . I’ll try the CLR next .