Precision 22LR Rifles

Match, so tighter tolerances over Bentz. Match is match for bolt action. Bentz is match for a semi auto (match front half and looser back half to facilitate the action working ). As I understand what I have read on 22lr chamberings. Essentially if you chamber a round shoot it with this barrel. (Warning on their website and engraved on the barrel for the most part.) Otherwise risk the bullet being pulled or the extractor failing to extract since the bullet seats into the lands when chambered. I haven't tried to see if one puts one in if it will extract or not if not fired.

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A few of us went out today to do a little practice for an upcoming benchrest match. Once we finished practice my wife took her Vudoo out to 316 and 400 yards. This was her 1st time taking her 22 out past 50 yards. Winds were somewhat mild but even then at those distances it still needed between .5 and 1.5mils of hold to get on steel. It was also the 1st time getting DOPE at those distances. All in all she was able to land 8 or 9 out of 10 with 2 different brands of ammo. Even then the misses were mostly wind calls.

The new challenge in 22lr matches will take place beyond 200 yards. Get ready, it's some fun and challenging shooting.