WTS Plum Arsenal / Saiga / Legion Izhevsk SGL 21.

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If you’re reading this you already know that this is a solid rifle, and is highly sought after. I am the original owner. It has been a safe queen, and I haven’t shot it in over a year. The rifle is chambered in 7.62x39. This is of course banned from import, and the rifle was made in the same factory as the Saiga rifles the Soviet armed forces use. This is a Legion Izhevsk made Carbine, which depending on who you speak to is the better of the SGL imports. The furniture is legitimate Russian Plum with intact ink stamps. It has a factory AK74 style muzzle brake. The round count is approximately 300. It runs like a top.

Comes with everything pictured. It has a Blue Force “mustard” colored sling with plum buckles, which is a color combo the Soviets use. Optic pictured is a Holosun that has an EOtech like reticle that can switched to a 2 moa dot if that suits you better. Optic is mounted with an RS regulate AK-301 / AKML combo sidemount. Comes with two 30 round magazines, the additional furniture (all legitimate Russian pieces) in the picture, unused factory sling.

$1700. I am located in the Northwest part of Las Vegas. The only partial trade I will consider is a EXPS2-0, or 3-0 EOtech plus the remaining cash balance. I do have an assortment of magazines (drums, bakelites, Bulgarian circle 10), and ammo for the purchaser of the rifle if they choose to purchase it. All accessories are unavailable for sale until the rifle has been sold.



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