Optic for 300 Blk Deer Hunting Rifle?

Hey y’all. I’m building a 16’ 300 Blk for mule deer. Need suggestion for an optic. I’d be in southern Utah so wouldn’t be shots farther than 170ish yards.


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Budget is the biggest factor in optics. You get what you pay for, especially in hunting conditions of low-light and weather. How much are you willing to spend?

I like low power options. Maybe look into a 1-6X or something like that. They are available in all the price points because they became favorites with the tactical competition crowd.

Do not use a Trijicon ACOG Reflex. I used one for a .300 Blackout rifle on a whitetail hunt in Texas. I didn't have my shot until the end of the day in the fading light. I could see the deer UNTIL I looked through the sight. The glass took away what little light I had left and all I could see was the amber triangle. I had to raise and lower the rifle several times until I was sure that I was going to put that amber triangle where the deer WAS before I raised the rifle. It worked, and the Nosler 125-gr Ballistic Tip did its thing.

The next trip I used my M14 with the peep sights. Ha!


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I have a vortex 1-8x24 30mm on mine and love it.
They make a 1-6, mines probably a overkill, but I had it on my PSA 308 until I bought a new optic for that