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Here's the 1970's Wingmaster I picked up from RK1911 this summer, It was a fixed full choke 30" barrel, so I picked up a new remchoke 28" barrel to take afield this bird season. Still havent gotten out yet....oof.

The thing looked brand new inside and out. Hardly even a handling mark, and I believe he gave me a good deal on it :) Even with a brand new Barrel I'm in it less than the cost of a low range imported semi auto.

by Marn, on Flickr
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Top: Rossi Circuit Judge - I keep it in the corner with 5 shells of 5 pellet 000 buck. Can also shoot .45 colt.
Bottom: Maverik 88 18"bbl + shockwave raptor grip- 12 gauge, rides shotgun sometimes when I drive to California.
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