Official Shotgun Picture Thread

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Lets do this!

Scatterguns, tactical, sporting, or other, lets see your shotguns! I've always been a fan of shotguns, don't really know why, just something draws me to them. They can be rugged, beautiful, tactical, or any combination thereof.

Here's my main shotgun. Remington 870 Police Magnum. Factory +2 extension and Factory Rifle Sights. Added the stupid shell holder because it's somewhat necessary on a Training/fightin' gun I figure. Not sure if it'll remain after my classes.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have my "Truck Gun" project. 18 3/8" barrel, single shot 12 gauge. This is for the back of the truck, camping trips, etc. It's a $40 project, so it can be thrown around.

Show em off!
Benelli M2 Tactical 001.JPG Benelli M2 w. Picatinny.JPG Tru Lock Crio Tactical Breeching Choke.JPG

Benelli M2 12 ga. with a Comfort stock and ghost ring sights. Added a Big Fat Benelli handle, Picatinny rail and a Tru Lock Crio Tactical Breeching Choke. Not that I am going to be breeching any doors or impaling any zombies, just thought it looked bad ass...


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I had a similar one some years back , but it was the full set, all four barrels, 12, 20, 28, .410, all fixed skeet chokes, and the four barrel case.
Came into the shop on consignment, sat for a year, owner got discouraged, lowered the price for a quick sale so I bought it.
Shot it a little ( I have a couple of other 4 barrel sets like that, Browning & Berretta) and this one didn't fit me all that well and I really didn't want to alter that gorgeous wood any, so when someone at the range admired it, I threw out a price and sold it, for almost twice what I had in it. Pays to be patient!


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Vintage shotgun porn, the best kind! Thanks for posting the pic, couple of nice old bolt action 12 gauges there, but with tube magazines.
Ol Handsome Harry, at the opening of the Clark County Shooting Park shotgun range some years back, stepped up to the box on stage 1 of a skeet field and proudly declared to the news media that he loved to shoot skeet, especially doubles skeet, with "Ol Betsy", the 12 gauge single shot bolt action shotgun he was holding.

I have seen doubles broken with a bolt action 12 gauge with a magazine, but never saw anyone fast enough to do it with the single shot bolt action in any gauge or bore.