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WTS NIB unfired Daniel Defense MK18 factory SBR. Seller will pay 1/2 tax stamp.

Location (City)
Las Vegas


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I’m willing to entertain reasonable offers.
Buyer will have to understand that this is an NFA item. Patience is needed on the buyers part.
If you find a better priced unfired DD MK18(plus taxes) locally let me know.
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So if I'm understanding this correctly, I can show up w/an 18" grendel upper, and my own legally registered lower. Put his DD upper on my legal registered lower, and the grendel upper on his registered lower; pay the man, and leave w/both?

It would then be up to me to form 4 for the DD lower, should I wish to return it to it's original configuration? Hmm temping....

Edit: because of the new background check laws, we'd have to do a transfer of his lower(in grendel config) at a dealer, correct???
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