New X-Bolt Pro

Just bought a 6.5 CM Browning X-Bolt Pro last month.
The Pro version is the top-of-the-line model for Browning. They call it a "semi-custom" rifle B/C it has special features like a carbon fiber stock, factory lapped barrel, fluted barrel, spiral fluted bolt and bolt handle, bronze Cerakote on barreled action and the CF stock. The Cerakoted stock helps it blend in with natural surroundings better but you can still see that 'spensive CF weave.

Just put a SWFA 3- 14 x 42 scope on it and will zero it next week when the warm front moves in and the wind dies down. Next summer I'm getting a MARCH 3 - 24 x 42 scope with illuminated reticle. Why? Because it is shorter and lighter than any other scope with that upper end, FFP, mil/mil and VERY good glass, as in ED glass. It will be the perfect match to the high quality of the X-Bolt Pro.

And I've already got Talley bronzed rings for it - with a top half ring bubble level. Remember, this is a long range mountain rifle. A little cant is a big windage error at 600 yards.

So now I've put my customized 6.5 CM Ruger American Predator up for sale. "Customized" means Boyd's Classic laminated stock & metal Savage 110 trigger guard, Timney trigger and aftermarket 20 MOA Pic rail. This rifle amazed me with 1/2 MOA groups using Hornady 140 gr. ELD-M factory ammo. I don't know how Ruger does it. It is as accurate as my 6.5 Ruger Precision Rifle.

Eric B.


LEGEN...wait for it... DARY!
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...a top half ring bubble level. Remember, this is a long range mountain rifle. A little cant is a big windage error at 600 yards....
And you are more likely to be resting the rifle on an unlevel surface while you yourself are sitting on an unlevel surface, and will not likely have horizontal things in the background (like target range berms). It makes it hard to see what is truly horizontal.
Glad someone appreciates the problems of cant in the field. Competition taught me to pay attention to this.

I plan to shoot this rifle a lot to test loads and familiarize myself with it and compete in a local varmint/hunter competition. In a few years I'll need a new barrel (around 2,000 rounds. I think a stainless Bartlein 24" barrel in 1:7.5 twist & 5 R rifling would be good. Any suggestions?

Eric B.
Ooooo! an X-BoltSpeed! Very nice rifle and with the same burnt bronze Cerakote as mine.

As I mentioned Talley makes their X-Bolt rings (4 holes per ring) in burnt bronze Cerakote. Looks so suction on the rifle.
No scope rings come with the rifle. Browning's X-Bolt rifles have a very different FOUR screws per ring instead of the standard two screws.This is a much stronger design.

Because your Speed model comes in burnt bronze Cerakote I highly recommend the matching Cerakoted Talley rings made for the Speed rifle (& my Pro rifle). I like Talley's Cerakoted optional bubble level top ring for long shots (over 300 yards) where canting the rifle even a little can make for a missed shot.
Get a Medium height ring set unless you have a big ballon your scope. Call Talley and ask about ring height to be sure. They are very helpful.

Eric B.

Sounds good.
I'm in Henderson, just off the eastern end of Paseo Verde. I'd like to go coyote hunting in January one or two counties north. Currently I have manual calls but soon I'l have a Foxpro electronic call.

I shoot at Boulder City Rifle and Pistol Club. You probably shoot at Desert Sportsman's Club off the extension of W. Charleston.

I shot there twice with my Ruger Precision Rifle in a PRS match.

Call me. (702) 370-1836

Eric B.

Currently I have an SWFA SS 3 - 15 x 42 scope (FFP, mil/mil, side focus). Very good glass for the money but SWFA has no, and I mean NO advertising and no dealers so they pass the savings on to the shooters. But sometime this summer I'll bye getting a MARCH 3 - 24 x 42 scope which costs about as much as TWO X-Bolt Pro rifles. (GAK!)

As for ammo I'm currently shooting factory 140 & 147 gr. Hornady ELD-M Match ammo and 143 gr. ELD-X Precision Hunter ammo.
When I dig all my reloading bits out of my garage I'll begin rolling my own. I have all the components except the tumbler for coating bullets with HBN. Was using my vibrating cleaner until it broke. I have a new RCBS turret press and Redding precision 3 die set in 6.5 Creedmoor and a new Sinclair case trimmer.
I've now got enough empty cases to begin reloading so that will happen in January.

BTW I need to get a new photo for my avatar B/C I sold that rifle (W/plastic Ruger stock) to a guy on the Long Range Hunting site and the laminated Boyd's stock in the photo to a guy on the 6.5 Creedmoor site.
**I'll likely put the X-Bolt Pro up in a new photo with that same scope but new Talley rind W/burnt bronze Ceralote to match the rifle, natch. Thank you Talley!

Eric B.
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