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New kitchen designs and updates


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Well as of Saturday I will be working in the shop full time again. I tried the part-time gig with someone else and we are parting ways as it was taking to much time away from my own shop for way to little compensation.

Next up is a set of kitchen knives. They are just prototypes and will be critiqued and redesigned several times, and by some of our own forum members on here who happen to be chef's. The pairing knife and utility knife handles look a little funky but feel great in the hand. It was actually redesigned from a utility knife that is sold at home depot. Feels really great in the hand.

Today I called saber cutting solutions off of russel road to check on the status of the next big batch and they let me know they would be completed by the hour. It took months to get this going as their was no sheet stock of O1 to be found. So after weeks and weeks of shaking down suppliers for O1 I gave up and went with 3/16 thick 52100. I didn't really plan on a big batch of this stuff yet as it is the premiere carbon steel. But it was cheaper than O1 and is performing better. So I will stick with it for now on.

The thumb ramps can be easily ground off making a simple bushcraft knife. Two people have came into my shop while writing this and said they prefer the thumb ramp. So I will make one of each and invite any forum members over that want to come out and give me their opinion on which they like the most.

Before this batch get's started though I plan on finishing up forum members knives. Take care everyone.


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Well here was the last shot of the knives before the monsoon season hit.

Now imagine the two pictures above with a lot of surface rust and that is what they look like. I fired up the salt pot to heat treat a 1911 and to combination of the salt and humidity did a number on them. Luckily it's just surface rust and easily taken off. I just wasn't expecting them to rust so easily, so fast.

A new bushcraft model with scandi grind should be done soon.

One new platen made of hardened D2 finally got finished and has an aluminum chiller that pumps cool water through the platen to absorb the heat of grinding and keep it out of the blade.

The radiused platen to finish a few other projects should be done next month.

The batch will not have the chain ring bolts as I could not get more than 10 of any design, and each was a slightly different size, so I order 300 regular socket head bolts to use for the handle. When the suppliers get their end in order I will go back to chain ring bolts but not until then. I am about to send off blueprints to see if I can get them made locally.

This batch will be DLC coated. As will be some of the custom knives a few members have been waiting on. They will go out all at once and be shipped back at once.

A very beat up and put away wet meat clever found it's way to my shop. A guy wanted it refurbished for a family member who just opened up a restaurant in CA. I have never seen a clever this size before. So I fixed it up for him after I made a pattern of it of course. I don't care for the handle shape though. This was a rush job so he could get it to his relatives shop on opening day in only two weeks. The handle was bent and twisted. The spine was mushroomed from someone hammering on it. It had chunks of rubberized something embedded in it. 1/4" thick in the blade and 3/8" thick in the handle. It's a monster of a clever.



After the guy picked up his clever he decided it was in to good of shape to give to his relative and he would have to keep it.