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Nevada Safes - The only place I will recommend to anyone now.


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For a long time, I’ve wanted to buy a legit gun safe. I’ve kept my eyes open for years for deals, but, was unsure of what to buy.

I checked out Nevada Safes a few weeks ago for the first time. They spent a lot of time with me, educating me on what to look for, how locking mechanisms work, etc.. They worked with my budget and were less expensive than I was willing to spend. But, after all was said and done, I realized I didn’t have the room, nor could I afford the safe I REALLY wanted. I ended up pick up a Liberty, due to its locking mechanism being the strongest and most “pry-proof” in its price range.

Working in the industry, you get used to (a**hole)s, (poop)ty sales people, arrogance and bad attitudes. It’s a shame, but it is what it is. I’ve been to the “other” well known safe store and wasn’t impressed. They’ve got a nice inventory, but, they didn’t motivate me to spend money. That’s not the story with Nevada Safes. I am pretty impressed with their inventory, pricing and most importantly, staff. They were all ultra accommodating and professional. I went in this morning to pick up my safe, and it felt more like seeing a friend than a business transaction. Which, I really appreciated.

They made sure I was 100% satisfied with EVERYTHING before loading the safe into my vehicle. While the loaded it, they were really careful to not damage the safe or my vehicle. Which was something else I really really appreciated. One thing my back would have appreciated, is me listening to their suggestion to have them deliver it. But, I’m stubborn and didn’t. A few doses of ibuprofen and whiskey will fix my stupidity, but that’s another conversation.

I figured I’d spread the word about these guys, because I really feel like they deserve it. Now, the daunting task of loading my crap into it!



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I couldn't agree more. I purchased a safe from these guys last April and had the same exact experience. Same as you they spent a lot of time with me going over all different options and was able to get me the best safe in the price range that I had budgeted for. Not to mention that had a pretty impressive inventory of various safe options, sizes and prices.

I ended up going with a Liberty safe myself and haven't regretted it. I went with the delivery option and these guys were absolute professionals who knew what the hell they were doing. Not only that but the owner assured me that the safe would be delivered in an unmarked truck with the safe completely wrapped up and hidden from any nosy neighbors.

Highly recommend these guys for anyone in the market for a safe.