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need help with jam-o-matic

I have a Desert Eagle 44 magnum that is a jam-o-matic and would like to find someone up here in the north that knows Desert Eagles that could check it out for me. I have two others a .357 and a 50ae that were made in Israel and they function perfectly. Not trying to knock Magnum Research or U.S. products but the 44 was made in the U.S. Failure to feed and ejection issues along with stove piping are the issues. It does not matter what kind of ammo I use, factory 240 grain or reloads with 240 grain bullets. All reloads are max and lesser charges do not make a difference.

Dr. Marneaus

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Thats a shame. The only one I ever shot before I bought my 50 was a .44 and it sucked. Constant failures to feed. My 50 has a few hundred trouble free rounds through it, both factory and mid-low power hand loads.

Hope you can get it sorted.


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Have you ever run lead non jacketed bullets through it? If so they foul the gas tube and you will have continuous problems after shooting that ammo.