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NcSTAR AR-15 Golf Ball Launcher - $29.99


Geth Prime
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Every single one of you right now is looking around the room wondering what else is the size of a golf ball.....
Hah. You should see the things we've launched out of my can cannon. We have had a 'does it launch' category at our annual range day for folks to come up with, and bring, their ideas to launch. Not to mention trap shooting many of them out of the sky with our resident shotgunners and really strange 'pigeons'. No one even minds chasing down the crazy things we've launched at clean up time :)

Here's one for fun: SPAM cannon. Take one empty can, cut down to half height. Jam 'sharp' end of can through center of SPAM block. Knock 'circle of SPAM' out of can. Dice remains of spam block into 1" cubes (ish), insert in can, put SPAM plug back on top of 'buckshot' SPAM.

It does launch, and smells of cooked SPAM.

One particular person (who is also a member here) wants to make a frozen mice round. Yep, frozen mice. ;)
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I dunno about any of that, but I can say that my golf ball launcher can drive one a lot farther than I can with a golf club! The last time I used it, a friend brought their daughter and they spent some time drawing smiley and frowny faces on the golf balls - it was hilarious!

I still have a whole box of golf balls left, too. Maybe I need to dig them out.