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Nationwide Pro-2A rally April 14th, 20018

The GF and I went.
We rode our MC's.

Yes people were friendly. But, the small size of the crowd was very disappointing. :scared:
I was afraid that was going to happen as, IMHO, the event was very poorly organized.

We continued up to Reno to do some shopping. I stopped in at Willey Brothers to look around. Asked them if they knew that the event was happening. They were shocked to hear about it.

"Good sized"??? :frown2:
Maybe you need some glasses. We looked pathetic. The GF and I were there for about 1/2 hr and it was sad.
A bullhorn? And 9 out of 10 "speakers" didn't understand how to use it so that the crowd was constantly saying "CAN'T HEAR YOU".

The turnout was a bit small... smaller than the last rally I went too.. but the event was not well publicized. Considering how poorly the event was publicized there were more people there than I expected.

Mr. B

Obsessed Member
The turnout was a bit small... smaller than the last rally I went too.. but the event was not well publicized. Considering how poorly the event was publicized there were more people there than I expected.
It was only put together in the last week or so, and was not put together with the support of a large, preexisting infrastructure that could provide premade signage, buses, hotel rooms, paid participants, media coverage, etc.

A cynic might also say that it was not already being planned BEFORE the Florida murders.


Big Stick policy
Call me a die-hard cynic, because I have doubts about this group that organized the rally yesterday. According to their Facebook, they created their page three months ago, names of the drivers unknown to me. One of the admins is a self-described "Online Marketing Coordinator." Well, he did NOT do a very good job of marketing and coordinating this event. Sorry if that's harsh, but it's true.

Just remember: Bernie Sanders won the Oklahoma Democratic primary with just a handful of volunteers on the ground. But they were creative with social media, and crowd-gathering apps. Why are we so behind the curve?


Big Stick policy
When an action becomes boring and ineffective, it is time for change. Find new tactics. Think outside the box, etc.
From the comment section of Ramone's link...

I’m not saying that there is never, ever a reason to hold a gun rally. I’m saying that in order for it to be effective, you need something OTHER than the standard formula. You need originality, creativity, and something that works a lot better than the current paradigm. There was a rally a few years ago that had a couple thousand people show up and openly violate a new gun law on the Capitol steps, effectively nullifying the law from ever being able to be prosecuted. At another rally, a group of activists took their long guns into the legislative viewing gallery while the legislature was in session. A third one delivered a list of grievances to the governor’s mansion and tacked it on the closed and locked legislature gallery door. Some other guys down in Oregon burned the governor in effigy, if I remember right. Those are rallies that made national and even international news. Unfortunately, standing around and holding signs, or offering yet another fiery speech and big words will not get the job done. You need to do something more.
I agree with these Guerrilla Tactics. :thumbsup: But you need to have balls to carry out such a plan. No risk >>> no reward.