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My wife’s 2018 bull!


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Season opener was on a Tuesday this year. So we were at the hunting grounds the Friday before. Saturday morning we started out with a short hike from camp. Just over the hill I could glass the whole valley. As the sun rose I was seeing elk about 5 miles away, ( according to onX). About 20 head total. We glassed some more and found 4 bulls about 2 miles away heading south. Then found two more bulls with in a mile.

Day two on Sunday, my son and I went out to close the gap. We chose the bulls furthest away, because I know the area and these would be the easiest bulls to get close to. Sadly I missed judged, easy to do from 5 miles away, and we found ourselves about 1/1/2 miles from the elk. So later that day I took my wife back to a place I was sure the bulls were going to come through. I said just come here in the morning and sit under this dead juniper tree. She looked at my funny and said okay but this is a terrible place to hunt. I said yes dear.
The next morning (Monday) she left camp at 4 A.M. with one of our sons. When she returned I said well did you see anything? She showed me the video footage of the bulls she saw. I said huh terrible place to hunt huh? She gave me the evil eye and left it at that. I asked her, well where ya going to go sit in the morning? She said under that dead tree. I just smiled.
Opening morning (Tuesday) she left camp about 3:30 She had almost a mile to hike. She had one of our sons with her. Myself, I slept for another hour. Then loaded up the other two kids in my Jeep. Open top and 20 degrees out. We drove to a spot across the valley and waited. Shortly after legal shooting light I heard a gunshot. I looked to my so. And said grab the ham radio. Then radio silence was broke with my other sons voice saying bull down. Just like that her hunt was over. Being the smart a$$ I am, I said I thought this was a terrible spot to hunt from.