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My edc list

Springfield XD9 sc w/ night sights + spare flush mag
Leatherman wave + bit kit + crocodile
pen light + freedom micro light
Hoffman Richter pen w/ pressurized ink refill
Seiko monster dive watch (gen1 in orange, gen2 in black, sapphire crystal upgrade to both)
fitbit charge HR
American Optical aviators
LG v20 phone
wedding band, wallet, keys, eye drops
If most are carrying a phone, why wear a watch? Just curious. In place of a watch I do wear an MIA bracelet, since Dec. 1971. Col. Dean Pogreba. Shot down on 10-5-65. Look him up. Very interesting read.
Phones go down in less than a day of heavy use, a watch can go on for years on battery, and forever on kinetic power. For someone who's outdoors all day, the climate here can freeze up phones with overheating.

My wife used to travel all over the world for work very frequently. She used to keep the watch set to home office time, and use phone for local time.

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-S&W 9mm Shield with a TLR-6 and single reload most of the time, both IWB
-Ruger LCP II with 1 or 2 reloads when it's really hot out or sometimes as a BUG - pocket carried as primary and ankle holstered as a BUG
-Gerber Dime on my key ring
-Fenix LD10 and a Kershaw or Gerber folder is always in my truck and are pocketed as needed